Convert to Greyscale

This page has now been moved to Experiments with Colour and Brightnesses.
Greyscale Conversions
The brightness slider raises or lowers the brightness of the photo.
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★ Meaning and Purpose of this Page ★
Each panel shows the colour photo converted to greyscale according to one of five formulas for converting to brightness.
The leftmost slider adjusts the BRIGHTNESS of the photo.
STW* is the formula devised by me, and discussed in detail on Readable Text in Colour – STW*.
W3C YIQ is the YIQ formula recommended by the W3C and discussed on Holes in the W3C Colour Readability Guidelines.
The formulas for other three: CIE XYZ, Lightness and Average, can be found on Puzzling Greys.
You can use this page when you want to get a higher or lower brightness for a colour, for it is not always easy to do that by eye when there’s more than one of the RGB triad at greater than zero.


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