More Options on a Dark Background

Dreamweaver’s Editor Changes to Light Text on a Dark Background – November 2015
The Adobe Dreamweaver editor pages used to be on a white background, mainly black text but some in colour. And then with the update to Dreamweaver CC in November 2015 that changed, now the background is dark, with lighter text on top. Why?
My guess is that you can get more differential in colours with lighter text on dark, than you can with darker text on light. And the editor is becoming ever more intuitive, with different sections appearing in different colours for easier interactive validation.
Of course, according the the guidelines for readability as issued by the W3C (those that I criticise on Holes in the W3C Colour Readability Guidelines) whether the text is lighter or darker than the background should make no difference. But then the W3C Colour Readability Guidelines are flawed, we don’t take any practical notice of them.
One of the colours that you get more scope with on a dark background is, of course, yellow. But there’s more to it than that. If as I maintain (on Formulas for Calculating Colour Brightness) brighter colours are more finely detectable relatively than darker ones then, well you would get more scope for colour differential from a set of bright colours than a set of dark ones.
So I can see Dreamweaver’s point in making this change, though it’ll take me a bit of time to get used to it. At the moment I’m finding it much harder on the eyes than the old white pages. I’ve changed the background to a slightly lighter shade of dark under Dreamweaver Preferences, which helps a little, so far.


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